Measurement equipment

Electronic device to make the meassurement study of the resistence of the grounding and lightning rod systems and for meassure the ground resistivity.

Manejamos las marcas Megger y SEW.


PVC register
Insulating rug for rack
Hygroscopic electroconditioner compound TERRA-CEM

Super absorbent of humidity. Elaborated on an organic basis Maintains moisture and improves conductivity.

Copper bars with or without cabinet
Antioxidant spray

To protect the connectors and terminals from rust, fur and bimetallic bonding problems.

Mechanical and compression connectors

With a 1/2" hole, for a cable range caliber 6AWG to 250 KCM.

Exothermic weldings

Loads, molds, handle, spark

Atmospheric discharges counter

Electronic device designed to detect the impacts of lightning in atmospheric protection installations, and allow the control and immediate verification of them.


3 m and 6 m of anodized aluminium or stainless steel.

Braced towers with accessories
clamp for lightning rod mast
Bases for mast of lightning rods with retained
Copper rods
Compound grounding improver (GEM)

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