"With Terragauss bury your grounding systems and forget about them."

How is lightning generated?

The water molecules inside a cloud are constantly colliding with each other, creating electrostatic charges. Usually the positive charges are located at the top of the cloud and the negative ones at the bottom. Statistical studies all over the world show that 95% of the clouds have negative charges at the bottom.

When there is an excess of charges, these look for a discharge path to earth, generating a lightning. Usually the clouds send descending guides with a negative charge and the earth sends back ascending guides with a positive charge, when these guides touch each other the dielectric rigidity of the air is broken and a lightning is formed, accompanied by high temperatures, tensions and currents, which can cause injury or even death to human beings and damage to electrical and electronic equipments.

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The most important features of the lightning rod system are:

1. Protection area of 160 meter in diameter at protection level 1.

2.- Less costs in equipments and installation

3.- Protects of all the atmospheric discharges regardless the amount or intensity.

4.- Works even in partially vandalized sites.

5.- Guarantees a permanent resistance less than 2 Ohms.

6.- Does not require any type of maintenance.

7.- TERRAGAUSS offers a 10- year operation guarantee.








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