"With Terragauss bury your grounding systems and forget about them."


Las características más importantes del sistema de puesta a tierra Terragauss son:

1. It allows to reach and maintain a resistance of less than 2 Ohms in a permanent .

2. Less costs in equipment and installation.

3. It return to earth any current induction or parasit currents from the ground.

4. Increases the availability in cellular sites

5. It achieves a potential difference between neutral and ground less than 0.5 Volts. It offers a permanent logical “0” reference.

6. - It gives equipotentiality between the Terragauss system and landed metallic structures, in 80 meter radius, without interconnection.

7. It minimizes the touch and step tensions in a permanent way.

8. Reduces noises,radio frequency interferences and electromagnetic interferences.

9. Reduces vandalism and still working and maintaining equipotentiality even with the cables partially vandalized.

10. Does not require any type of maintenance.

11. Offers a 10-year operation guarantee.

System elements





Higroscopic compound

Compuesto hidroscópico


The selection of the model depends on the load to land.

TERRA - 25 Sistemas de puesta a tierra (Tierra fisica) Terragauss TERRA-100 TERRA - 400
TERRA - 45 AB TERRA - 700
TERRA - 45 TERRA - 1000
TERRA - 70 TERRA - 2000
TERRA - 100 TERRA - 2500

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