International Trading S.A. de C.V.,,  es una compañía mexicana con presencia internacional, fundada en 1994.

We provide solutions and services with the latest technology, with our products registered trademark Terragauss, like grounding systems, lightning rods and accessories.

We are Hoffman distributors and handle all their products line: cabinets, racks, accessories and air conditioners.

Within the lines of air conditioners for cabinets we work with the three leading lines in the market: Pentair (Mclean), Marvair and Icequebe, which offer high quality equipment

We handle UPS brands APC, POWER-ALL, which offer a variety of solutions of the highest quality.

We have a division for installation of grounding systems, lightning rods systems and for the realization of fiber optic and civil engineering projects

We provide engineering services and project development, training and certification.

Our achievements

Experience years
Grounding and Lightning rod systems installed in Mexico
Grounding systems and lightning rods systems sold in Latin America and the Caribbean



Courses taught
Fiber optic migrations
Kilometers of installed optical fiber